"To Achieve the American Dream"
 is a message of truth, knowledge and wisdom to Black Americans. This message will open the eyes of many, offend others but eventually destroy the ideology of the American system. The truths that most Black Americans fail to understand about Capitalism will be revealed for all to see based on facts and statistics. The word capital means wealth and the word ism means theory, system or practice. So capitalism is a system based on wealth. In this system power cannot be created or retained without wealth.

"To Achieve the American Dream" is based on the premise that God is the sovereign creator of all things including the concept of capitalism. The rules of capitalism are based on biblical principles and is the foundation that has propelled America to being the greatest and most powerful country in human history.

"To Achieve the American Dream" begins by explaining what the American Dream is and why it has evaded most of us since our ancestors came to these shores in 1619. It starts with the Civil Rights Movement to help us identify what went wrong from that point. After analyzing and dissecting what has kept us from achieving in this country,it then explains how the American system functions based on truths.

This book then provides in full detail what steps must be taken in order for us as a people, "To Achieve the American Dream."

front & back view of book