Born and raised in Tallulah, Louisiana, Ernest M. Fountain recalls the persons who impacted his life the most, which were his African American teachers, whom would not subscribe to mediocrity.  These teachers set high standards for excellence and affirmed his cultural responsibility to help other African Americans in need.

With modest upbringing, Ernest M. Fountain became determined to succeed and return the many fruits of knowledge bestowed by these mentors.

Through his life long agenda of achievement for hard work and precision, he received his Bachelors of Business Administration from Texas Southern University in 1976.  He attended two years of study at Clark County Community College, Las Vegas, Nevada through the American Institute of Banking and was awarded an Associate Degree in Banking and Finance in 1980.  A Master's Degree in Business Administration followed from the National University, San Diego, California in 1988. He was ordained as a Reverend by Bishop A.J. Thompson in 2004.

Ernest M. Fountain is a former licensed Real Estate Agent and Insurance Agent. His banking career began in 1976 as he was employed by the largest state bank in Nevada "Valley Bank of Nevada" which was the only bank that made SBA loans. He became one of two black lending officers in the state.  He is the former Director of the Las Vegas Minority Business Development Center and the founder and former Chairman of the Board of Enterprise Community Federal Credit Union. He has chaired a variety of committees and organizations designed to financially assist those seeking to start their own businesses.  As President of Fountain of Financial Services, Ernest has packaged over $1.0 billion in loans, many whom were turned down by conventional financing institutions. As CEO/President of New Ventures Capital Development Company, he has loaned up to $450 million dollars in SBA 504 loans to small businesses in the state of Nevada. As operators of the Nevada Minority Business Center through a contractual relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce/Minority Business Development Agency he and his team was responsible for securing over $600 million in contracts and financing for minority firms in the state of Nevada. He is currently the Chief Business Consultant for Capital Access Associates, LLC which is a nationwide business consulting firm formed in 2017. The firm has a team of consultants with over a hundred fifty years experience in banking, business, and finance.  He has been a business consultant and financier for over 40 years. He and his mentor Dr. William H. "Bob" Bailey are the co-founders of New Ventures Capital Development Company which was the only African American owned and operated certified development company under the Small Business Administrations' 504 program. The firm was licensed by the SBA from 1984-2017. The firm has arranged over $450 million under the program since it's inception. NVCDC was also a community development entity (CDE) under the new market tax credit program administered by the Community Development Financial Institution Division of the US Department of Treasury (since 2008). Mr. Fountain is also the founder and past President of the Black Business Council of Nevada which was formed in 1991 for the primary purpose of promoting commerce and economic prosperity for Black America.

Ernest M. Fountain is very passionate about helping the future generations of African Americans receive the patience, love, and stewardship, he received as a youth.  He feels that "The greatest obstacles African Americans children face today is the manipulation of their self esteem".  As he travels to schools and colleges delivering his message, he questions the educational system that, while allowing integration at the surface level, manipulates, distorts, and refutes the reality of the American system. Being taught evolution instead of creation from 1st grade throughout college, our children are being lost to the world's philosophy. It is our (Christians) responsibility to take our knowledge and influence to the public square to refute this false knowledge that is being perpetuate but the world's system.

To combat this paradox, Ernest M. Fountain has become a living example of educational achievement, success through hard work, and constantly striving for the next challenging level, as he reaches out a hand to those in need.

He says God has given him the power and ability to share his wisdom through his  books beginning with "To Achieve the American Dream".  This book explains in detail capitalism and the components that create and maintain power. It also provides a  biblical perspectives on what Blacks must do to enjoy the fruits and prosperity of this country which are based on the principles of capitalism.  The principles of the disciplines outlined in this book make it crystal clear that if followed, we will establish the power that has evaded us for the last four hundred and thirty years.  We must remember that applying principles of socialism can not and will not establish power in a capitalistic society.

This book reveals to the reader truths and historical events that must be understood and realized in order for us as a people "To Achieve the American Dream".
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